Custom infrared camera design

Custom infrared camera design

Custom infrared camera design

We have the knowledge and experience to design cameras and camera cores matching your specifications. We tailor the camera towards your specific application, based on mutually agreed requirements. In this process we not only take important system parameters like form factor, weight, size and power consumption into account, but also data processing capabilities. Merging all these individual parameters into one single custom product results in very intelligent camera systems that will meet your requirements. All this will be done for specific, and user dependent, environmental requirements.


Our experience

We have gathered experience in camera design for various applications, ranging from very low temperature designs (for R&D applications) to high reliability designs for relatively harsh environments (for space, mining and industrial vision).

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World's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope

Xenics enabled Semicaps to realize the world's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope in 2004. Since then Xenics and sInfraRed have supported us in our endeavors for better sensitivity and resolution in photon and thermal emission microscopy.

Chua Choon Meng, CEO Semicaps